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Aircraft ownership is a substantial and important investment. Whether you have a precise requirement for a specific aircraft, or just a concept with an understanding of your needs, let the Aircraft Sales and Consulting Team at Crownair Aviation handle the time consuming and sometimes tedious aspects of buying, selling, or managing your valuable asset. With you, the experts at Crownair Aviation Sales and Consulting will work together to provide the information and resources to enable you to make the best decisions and follow the right process and foundation to make sure your aircraft experience is satisfying, efficient, and seamless. Our services can be customized to fit your needs in almost any realm of the aircraft ownership experience. Let our 30 years of combined experience go to work for you when it comes to aircraft:


  • New
  • Preowned

Sales and Brokering

  • Turbine
  • Propeller


  • Flight Department Set Up
  • Pilot Services
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance and Tax Assistance

Contact Crownair Aircraft Sales and Consulting Team to develop a strategy that best fits your aviation needs.

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