John J. Montgomery and his Santa Clara Glider

June 14, 2023by crownadmin

Aviation has always captivated the human imagination, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the skies. In the realm of flight, pioneers like John J Montgomery have left an indelible mark on the history of aviation. One such testament to Montgomery’s ingenuity is the Santa Clara glider, which played a pivotal role in his groundbreaking experiments. 

Early Days of Aviation:

The early 20th century was a time of extraordinary innovation in aviation. During this period, daring aviators and inventors sought to conquer the skies, defying conventional wisdom and pushing the boundaries of technology. In the midst of this aviation fervor, John J. Montgomery emerged as a visionary and pioneer.

John Joseph Montgomery, born on February 15, 1858, in Yuba City, California, had dreams of flight from a young age. As an engineer, inventor, and physicist, Montgomery made significant contributions to aeronautics. His innovative designs and relentless pursuit of flight set the stage for future aviators and engineers.

In 1883 Montgomery became the first person in the Western Hemisphere to fly a glider of his own design and the first ever to design a glider that could be controlled once aloft. He coined the term “aeroplane” and made crucial advancements in wing design, aerodynamics, and flight controls, which laid the foundation for modern aviation.

The Santa Clara Glider: A Glimpse into Montgomery’s Genius:

One of Montgomery’s most notable achievements was the development of the Santa Clara glider. Built in 1905, the glider had tandem wings and was one of the first successful manned gliders capable of sustained flight. The Santa Clara was suspended from a hot air balloon which rose to 4,000 ft. altitude. It was then cut loose and glided to the ground. There were several successful flights lasting up to 13 minutes in duration. The last flight ended in tragedy due to an entanglement with the balloon ropes, damaging the glider causing it to plunge to earth. 

The Air and Space Museum’s Connection:

In the early 2000’s a replica of the Santa Clara glider was constructed. The replica took years to build and was subsequently donated to the San Diego Air and Space Museum. The museum, renowned for preserving and showcasing the history of aviation, has played a pivotal role in preserving the glider. In late May 2023, the replica was loaned to Crownair Aviation and installed in it’s 35-foot high lobby. 

Crownair Aviation at Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport (KMYF):

Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport, San Diego, CA, holds a special place in the history of aviation and serves as a tribute to John J. Montgomery’s pioneering spirit. The airport was named after Montgomery to honor his remarkable contributions to flight and his role as an aviation trailblazer. 

The airport actively supports and promotes aviation-related initiatives. It also encourages research and innovation in the field of aeronautics, furthering the legacy of John J Montgomery, pushing the boundaries of flight.

Crownair Aviation has been at Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport since 1951. Their new FBO opened in January 2021.

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