San Diego’s Executive Airport is set to relieve Air Traffic at KSAN

March 29, 2024by crownadmin

The San Diego International Airport (KSAN) is undergoing a large scale project that replaces Terminal 1 with a new $3 billion terminal and supporting infrastructure. This follows the project that replaced Terminal 2 in 1998. These world-class improvements have been in need as the airport continues to grow in the number of flights and passengers using this single runway airport.

The executive airport (Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport – KMYF) has also gone through major improvements that are designed to relieve many of the general aviation and private aircraft flights flowing into the International Airport.

This reliever airport provides many benefits to San Diego. It is the hub for several critical functions and provides the following benefits over San Diego International Airport:

  1. Reduced Congestion: San Diego International Airport is busy with commercial flights. By diverting general aviation traffic to KMYF, it helps reduce congestion at KSAN, allowing for smoother operations and on-time departures.
  2. Convenience for General Aviation: The executive airport (KMYF) is specifically designed to cater to general aviation needs. The airport provides a more accessible and tailored experience for smaller aircraft, private pilots, and general aviation enthusiasts.
  3. Dedicated General Aviation Facilities: Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport has new full-service FBOs with facilities and services tailored to the needs of general aviation, such as private hangars, maintenance services, and amenities catering to non-commercial aircraft.
  4. Efficient Access: KMYF offers a more streamlined and efficient experience for general aviation pilots. Less time in the approach, shorter taxi times, quicker turnarounds, and easy plane-side car services make it much more convenient for private aircraft.
  5. Cost Considerations: General aviation operators will find that fuel and related services will be significantly less expensive at the executive airport than at Signature Flight Support at KSAN making it the preferred alternative.
  6. Easy Access to San Diego: The executive airport is situated centrally between major freeways and is the nearest airport to popular beach areas and business centers.  It is not subject the busy traffic surrounding the International Airport.

Crownair Aviation is the leading FBO at Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport.  It is positioned to provide the services needed to relieve San Diego International Airport’s general aviation traffic.  Please contact cs*@cr**************.com if you would like to tour our facilities.

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